Why Queenslanders should back Manly in grand final

HOW good is it, the greatest team in the last decade, have made the grand finals once again: "the Mighty Manly Sea Eagles".

The hatred for the Sea Eagles began in the early '50s because they represent the well-to-do areas of Manly and the surrounding areas Curl Curl, Dee Why, Mona Vale, Balgowlah etc and rugby league was seen as the battlers game.

So, why in the age of silvertail teams like the Money Bill Roosters and teams from the well-to-do areas of the Gold Coast and Brisbane, are we still hated so much?

The easy answer: because Manly supporters love it.

There's nothing better than giving it to my Queensland mates, who only go for the Broncos, Titans, Storm or the Cowboys because of some inbred loyalty clause on their birth certificates, about how the team they hate the most keep beating them and if they had a soft spot for Manly they would bite back so hard.

I want to change this and give you the reason why all of Queensland should be behind Manly this weekend:

  •  Ballin, Lawrence and Cherry Evans are all Queenslanders
  •  Fatty Vautin is the face of Manly and he is a Queenslander
  •  There is a town called Manly in Queensland, there's no place called Sydney
  •  Mitchell Pierce, Money Bill and James Maloney play for the Roosters
  •  The Roosters have more hyphens in their names than a Logan preschool
  •  Phil Gould was involved with the Roosters.

Get on Manly this weekend and take a pick the score 40-0.

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