Mayoral hopefuls share thoughts

CSG and tourist signs were just two of the questions raised with six would-be mayors at a Warwick Probus event this week.

Candidates were also asked in front of a 95-strong crowd what they would do about the current doctor shortage.

Gina Doulis said she felt inviting new business would be her top priority.

"There's ample opportunity for a medical centre to open as long as we support and encourage them," Ms Doulis said.

Kim Olsen said he would consult the community while Mally McMurtrie quipped, "I thought we'd solved it.

"Haven't we got a new health minister?"

Peter Blundell agreed Lawrence Springborg's new appointment would help, but added there had to be incentives for businesses to make it worth their while.

Phil Buddle said streamlining development red tape would help and Lindsay Goodwin said he would lobby Mr Springborg as well as work on making the area more appealing for potential doctors.

Mr Goodwin was then asked about a potential bypass - an idea all candidates agreed was a necessary one.

"The trucks should go round, but the people can still come into town," Mr Goodwin said.

"Albion St could be slower so there could be more shops."

Buddle, Doulis and Olsen agreed, saying the bypass should only be for heavy vehicles, with Mr Buddle adding he would like to see RV friendly signs around town.

McMurtrie and Blundell said council brought the subject of the bypass up with the Department of Main Roads each time the two bodies met and had lobbied the department for a planned route at least.

Probus secretary Doug Scott said the forum had been useful and he felt people quickly made their minds up on who they were going to vote for.

However, the meeting was not without its controversy with two candidates, Jim Rickard and Darryl Evans, not being invited as Mr Scott said they announced their intention to run too late for the forum.

Candidate Darryl Evans expressed his disappointment.

"I would like to clarify very clearly I was not invited to the Probus meeting," Mr Evans said.

"This being the case I believe Probus cannot claim any form of politically unbiased independence."

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