Lisa Wilson revs up for this weekend’s fun Car Observation Rally.
Lisa Wilson revs up for this weekend’s fun Car Observation Rally.

Slow and steady wins the rally

RACING fun with a twist is set to hit the Warwick streets this weekend, with the Warwick Rotary Sunrise’s Observation Rally set to challenge savvy competitors.

But while the word “rally” may conjure immediate thoughts of a fast-paced contest to cross the finish line, this event is certainly a case of slow and steady wins the race.

Co-organiser Lisa Wilson and her husband Stephen have spent the past two months carefully plotting the path the contestants will navigate during this weekend’s event.

“It’s not a race – it’s just a fun, family day out with questions and treasure hunting and if you speed you miss the things you have to collect and you won’t win,” Mrs Wilson said.

The course has been meticulously planned by the Wilson husband and wife team, only hitting one snag along the way when the two came across a closed road after one hour’s mapping.

The route will travel over both bitumen and dirt public roads in Warwick, with an undisclosed destination adding to the mystique of the day.

“We wanted to stay close enough to town so at the end of the day people don’t have to drive a long way home,” Mrs Wilson said.

The rally will kick off from 8.30am on Sunday morning, with competitors using a set of directions to get them through the course and stopping along the way to snag “treasure” pieces.

As the name suggests, there will also be a list of questions for competitors to answer about things they observe along the way.

“We are also tying it in with Warwick’s 150th and have included a bit of Warwick history in the rally.”

Anyone can enter any vehicle in the rally, as long as they have a working odometer to help them navigate their way through the route.

There is also a minimum requirement of two people in each car to allow for one person to be a navigator, with the maximum set at as many people you can legally fit in your rally vehicle.

This weekend’s event is not Mrs Wilson’s first rally and she has competed in four Endeavour Rallies in the past, three of which were alongside her husband.

And she can’t recommend the experience to people enough.

“It’s a lot of fun and you get to see bits of Warwick while raising money for a great cause,” she said.

“We always get a lot of people coming back again and again because they love it so much and it’s great to get a group of mates together for a bit of friendly rivalry.”

To book a spot in the rally, call Lisa on 0435 324 671. Nominations close tomorrow, Wednesday, May 18. Proceeds to Warwick Rotary Sunrise.

Car Rally

The Rotary Sunrise Car Observation Rally kicks off at 8.30am this Sunday at Australiana Park.

Registration from 7.30am Sunday.

Cost is $15 per adult and $10 for children and admission includes morning tea and lunch.

All proceeds go to Warwick Rotary Sunrise.

Nominations close tomorrow, Wednesday May 18.

Prizes up for grabs.

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