So many reasons to be proud of Warwick this Christmas

CHRISTMAS is the season for giving and goodwill and Warwick residents have been displaying both in touching amounts this season.

Firstly there was the story of the Halcrow's who are sharing their last Christmas together.

Mrs Halcrow has cancer and has been sadly been given only six to nine months to live.

As they were lining up in Rose City Shoppingworld to have their photo taken with Santa, Mr Halcrow relayed the story of his wife's illness to the photographer who upon hearing the sad tale gave them their photo for free, in a gesture that meant a great deal to the elderly couple.

Dennis and Rosalie Halcrow with Santa.
Dennis and Rosalie Halcrow with Santa.

At the very same spot in the shopping centre another woman was lining up with her family, when she overheard the family behind mention they were running late for the airport.

Unselfishly she offered them her spot in the line to see Santa.

The grateful family took the kind offer and as thanks paid $15 off the price of the photos for the woman who had given up her spot for them.

In another instance, a Warwick woman took to Facebook proclaiming her massive gratitude for a young man who noticed she had left her wallet on the roof of her car and driven off without realising.

The young man followed the family and jumped out at the next set of lights to retrieve the wallet, which had miraculously stayed on the roof and knocked on the window of the family's car and presented it to the very grateful woman.

A few weeks ago, we ran the story of a little boy named Dalton who wanted to give his bike away to a child that didn't have one.

He succeeded and no doubt there will be another very happy kid somewhere in Warwick today.

Then the story of the Goldspink family who are sharing their Christmas lunch with the lonely and needy of Warwick.

Today at the Cowboy's clubhouse at Queens Park, the family will put on a huge spread for over 70 people, backed by the kindness and generosity of many Warwick businesses and individuals.

It's moments like these that make Christmas.

Unselfish, giving, kind and generous moments.

There are sure to have been many more but these are just some of the ones that came to the notice of the Daily News.

Take a bow Warwick and Merry Christmas.



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