Neighbour speaks about woman struck by lightning

So what happens when you are hit by lightning?

YOUR chances of being hit by lightning are slim, very slim - 1 in 12,000 in your lifetime.

And of the 500 people who are struck by lightning, about 90% survive.

But the experience is terrifying.

Lightning races to the ground at about 300,000 kilometres an hour.

As it hits the ground, it causes a trail of plasma that lights the sky.

If you are unlucky enough to be struck by it, it can leave you with deep wounds and third degree burns.

The surrounding air can be superheated up to 50,000 degrees, Business Insider reports.

Your hair and clothing could be singed or even catch fire.

A Lichtenberg figure can be formed on your skin from bursting blood vessels. The scars resemble the limbs of a tree, tracing the path the electricity took as it travelled through you.

"Some scientists believe that the lightning scrambles your internal circuitry, altering the behaviour of your cells. You might undergo personality changes, mood swings, and memory loss. It's also possible that you will suffer from chronic pain and constant Parkinson's-like muscle twitches,'' the Business Insider article says.

In some cases, you can even develop super talents, like music composition.

The best advice during a storm is the most obvious - stay indoors - and out of the storm.

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