Southern Downs council official - now down to business

THE results are finally in and Tracy Dobie has been officially declared mayor-elect of the Southern Downs.

Ms Dobie was voted in with 10,875 votes - 55% of those counted, while Ross Bartley came in with 29%, incumbent Peter Blundell on 11% and Jay Nauss on just 4.41%.

"Our first order of business will be for the councillors to decide," Ms Dobie said.

"We'll be getting together next week and discussing how we're going to do business going forward."

Councillor Jo McNally topped the councillor poll with 6842 votes, followed closely by banking manager Rod Kelly 6773.

Cr McNally said she was elated and relieved the campaigning had come to an end.

"I'm looking forward to getting back to work, and as we're in the middle of the budget process that will be the first order of business," she said. "I'd like to thank everyone who voted for me.

"I appreciate it very much and will be doing my best over the next four years."

Mr Kelly said he was excited to get into the swing of things when councillors are sworn in at the statutory meeting next Wednesday.

"I want to thank voters of the Southern Downs for showing faith in me and voting me in - I will repay them with my commitment in council," he said.

"I also want to congratulate the other successful councillors and the new mayor and acknowledge all the candidates because we had a good group of people standing and it's disappointing there could only be eight out of 36.

"We are very transparent and we hope to make positive news. Our decisions won't always be popular but hopefully will always have the best interest for ratepayers and businesses."

Incumbent councillors Cameron Gow and Neil Meiklejohn finished in third and fourth positions, with 6677 and 6630 votes respectively, and Vic Pennisi came in seventh with 6108 votes. Allora councillor Glyn Rees missed out on the top eight, coming in at number 12 with 5843 votes.

Cr Meiklejohn said he was grateful to the community for their support in re-electing him.

"I'm looking forward to getting my feet back under the table to work with the newly elected council team," he said.

"I'm also thankful to Denise Ingram, who is retiring, and the councillors, including the former mayor, who have not been re-elected for their support and friendship over the last four years.

"There are lots of positives with our first female mayor and a balanced mixed of old and new, male and female councillors and we've got every opportunity to kick some new goals."

Yve Stocks (6541), Sheryl Windle (6314) and Marika McNichol (6064) all came in the top eight and will be sworn in as councillors at the first statutory meeting.

Craig Magnussen narrowly missed out on a place in council, with 5672 votes.

A total of 19,505 councillor ballots were counted in the 2016 election.

The Final Count

  • REES, Glyn 5483
  • TORRENS, Leila 5460
  • KEOGH, Julia 5308
  • KEMP, Peter 4926
  • GALE, Andrew 4819
  • JOHNSON, Sue 4608
  • ANASTASI, Stephen 4205
  • STOKES, Maggie 4064
  • LEE, Judy 3869
  • BLOOMFIELD, Jim 3570
  • EVANS, Darryl 3500
  • CHRISTENSEN, Scott 3420
  • BRYCE, Douglas 3382
  • DEVINE, Trevor 3225
  • HARRIS, Melissa 3209
  • LEACH, Sherry 2677
  • BUDDLE, Phillip 2508
  • MAU, Janice 2386
  • WODE, John 2133
  • MUNDY, Robert 1764
  • BLACK, Adrian 1646
  • HUDSON, Chris 1501
  • BRAILEY, David 1411
  • RYE, John 1221
  • COLRAIN, Adam 842

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