Water meter in Proserpine.
Water meter in Proserpine. Peter Carruthers

Southern Downs water meter readers are heading out soon

IT'S TIME for Southern Downs residents to make sure their water meters are easily accessible, as meter readers start moving their way across the region from Monday, February 26.

Water meters will be getting ready between then and the end of March and the council's water and wastewater manager, Ms Renee Wallace, reminded ratepayers and tenants meters weren't hidden from view from the meter readers.

"Check your water meters are free from debris, grass, garden mulch, soil and other obstacles,” Ms Wallace said.

Ms Wallace said it was timely to remind residents that if stop taps cannot be located easily in the event of a water leak, water damage and water consumption can escalate resulting in increased costs.

Ratepayers are responsible for water infrastructure located on their property's side of the water meter, including leaks in pipes or fixtures.

Residents are also kindly asked to ensure SDRC Officers can gain entry to their property and water metre easily. If officers are unable to do so because gates are locked or animals prevent entry, a calling card will be left asking residents to contact Council Officers who attended to arrange access.

Utility notices are scheduled to be issued in early April 2018.

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