COUNTRY GIRL: Jenny Gillott at home on her little patch of Warwick.
COUNTRY GIRL: Jenny Gillott at home on her little patch of Warwick. Jonno Colfs

Spelling bees and sore knees



WARWICK is well and truly home to Jenny Gillott.

Born Jenny Hounslow, Mrs Gillott was raised in Wood St and now calls Pratten St home after a whole life, minus 18 months, spent in our little town.

"Mum is 92 and still lives in the original house in Wood St," she said.

"It was a great childhood.

"We had a wonderful time, some great friends in the neighbourhood that I'm still friends with today.''

"We be off early in the morning and back by dark, playing outside all day."

Schooled at St Mary's and then Assumption College, Mrs Gillott said she wasn't really cut out for school.

"I went to school for sport and smoko," she said.

"And the nuns would back me up on that.

"They'd always say I was nothing like my sister Lyndel, she was the lady of the family, still is."

Mrs Gillott said she spent a lot of time sitting outside the classroom on the veranda.

"I did get into a bit of trouble," she said.

"Probably why I can still only type 32 words a minute.

"We had a spelling bee every Friday and you'd get a one cent fine and the cane for every wrong word.

"So my spelling is pretty good."

At 16 Mrs Gillott joined the public service but couldn't find work in Warwick.

"My dad was friends with the then Member for Warwick David Cory, so he leant on him a bit and David found me a job in Brisbane," she said.

"But I wasn't a city girl and got a transfer back to Warwick with the forestry department about 18 months later."

In 1979 Jenny married John Gillott and continued working with the forestry department until 1982.

Mrs Gillott then worked on and off with the Warwick Show Society for 17 years.

Son Lucas was born in 1984 and then Mitchell came along in 1988.

Sport is Mrs Gillott's passion and her life has been filled with it.

A four-time Warwick ladies squash champion, Mrs Gillott said she also played indoor cricket, hockey, touch football and others.

"Hockey was my main sport at school and I continued as an adult as long as I could run around the field," she said.

"I still play competition squash weekly, the size of the court is better suited to me, sometimes."

Mrs Gillott said sport had always been a massive part of life for her family.

"Warwick has great facilities and a history of sporting success," she said.

"I would hope our sporting future will be very strong but we'll have to nurture it.

"And that comes back to family a lot, and keeping the passion for sport with kids."

Mrs Gillott said she loved Warwick.

"I always have and always will," she said.

"My kids are here, my grandkids are here and we'll be here as long as they all are."


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