National swimming gold medallist Tegan Warrener.
National swimming gold medallist Tegan Warrener. Gerard Walsh

Sports star winners 2003–2007

National swimming gold medallist Tegan Warrener.
National swimming gold medallist Tegan Warrener. Gerard Walsh

SWIMMER Tegan Warrener has been the most prolific winner of Daily News/Warwick Credit Union Junior Sports Star of the Year awards in the past 20 years.

Warrener is one of many past monthly winners who will be at the 20th anniversary dinner at Kings at the Warwick RSL on March 9.

Nationally-renowned poet Marco Gloiri will be the guest presenter.

The swimmer who shone for a decade in school and club swimming won medals galore at local, regional, state and national level.

She won four annual sports star awards, 2003, 2004, 2007 and 2009, and was selected in a national freestyle relay squad in the run-up to the London Olympics.

Warrener was part of a golden era of Warwick swimming with Max Ackermann and Chris Dunne also winning national medals.

Ackermann won a Doc Bodimeade Memorial Encouragement Award and last year, was third in the open 50m backstroke at the Olympic trials. Unfortunately there is no 50m backstroke at the Olympics but it is part of the program at Commonwealth Games and World Championships.

Warrener is now focusing on her university studies and doing a little swimming, which often includes the McNamara Sprints in Warwick.

Current Queensland Firebirds netball captain Laura Geitz won the junior award in 2005 and Texas karate/athletics star Haelie Donaldson won in 2006.

Shot put star Jessica O'Brien won two encouragement awards in the 2003-2007 years and Australian school rodeo star Lucas Wilson one.

Like so many sports stars, O'Brien has changed her focus to netball and Wilson is following a sporting dream in the United States.

Three senior winners came from horse power sports, saddle bronc rider Scott Keogh who starred in America, showjumper Robert Goodwin who was in the long list for the 2004 Olympics and 2007 Australian World Cup winning polocrosse coach Ross Shepherd.

Goodwin's brother David, another showjumper, is one of the 2012 monthly winners who will be honoured at the March 9 dinner which doubles as the senior sports star awards night for last year.

Clay target shooter Jennine Gerrard won the major award in 2005 and trialled the next year for the Australian team for the Melbourne Commonwealth Games.

Warwick sporting shooters star Mal Smith, of The Falls, won overall in 2006 after outstanding success in the United States.

For the past two days, the Daily News has printed the lists of 1993-1997 and 1998-2002 winners and will print the 2008-2012 winners in a future edition.

The Daily News has been promoting the 20th anniversary sports star dinner since Christmas and seeking feedback with emails and addresses of past monthly winners.

While the majority have been contacted, we would still like emails on monthly winners we haven't been able to contact, many of whom have moved from Warwick.

Please email or call Gerard Walsh on 4660 1313.

Winners 2003-2007


Junior Sports Stars 2003

Sarah Gordon - Campdrafting

Delissa Kimmince - Cricket

Robert Goodwin - Showjumping

Tegan Warrener - Swimming

Frank McGee - Rugby League

David Goodwin - Showjumping

Justin Croft - Rugby League/Touch

Jesseka Bond - Athletics

Jason Brackin - Boxing

Jessica O'Brien - Athletics

John Cleary - Cricket/Polocrosse

Encouragement Award Winner - Jessica O'Brien

Overall winner - Tegan Warrener


Senior Sports Stars 2003

Michael Bourke - Cricket

Andrew Mauch - Clay Target Shooting

Sally McGrath - Polocrosse

Damien Lawler - Boxing

Chris Loy - Drag Racing

Carl Wade - Polocrosse

Stephanie Hancock - Rugby League

Geoff Smith - Australian Rules

Aaron Loudon - Cricket

John Collins - Golf

Scott Keogh - Rodeo

Overall winner - Scott Keogh


Junior Sports Stars 2004

Trent Achilles - Indoor Cricket/Touch

Laura Geitz - Netball

Tegan Warrener - Swimming

Zion Cole - Futsal

Delissa Kimmince - Cricket

Claire Bondfield - Equestrian

Brendan Iles - Australian Rules

Lucas Wilson - Rodeo

Chris Ensbey - Squash/Volleyball

Jessica O'Brien - Athletics

Alex Costello - Cricket

Paul Cantwell - Cricket

Encouragement award - Lucas Wilson

Overall winner - Tegan Warrener


Senior Sports Stars 2004

Robert Goodwin - Equestrian

Scott Keogh - Rodeo

Michael Dawes - Motor Racing

Matthew Grayson - Rugby League

Jason Bradfield - Rugby League

Lyndal Pohlman - Cricket

Ben Ruhle - Rodeo

Tom Brosnan - Rugby Union

Teresa Campbell - Motor Racing

Jason Schubert - Boxing

David Goodwin - Equestrian

Overall winner - Robert Goodwin


Junior Sports Stars 2005

Harley Brookes - Futsal

Jessica O'Brien - Athletics

Chris Dunne - Swimming

Matt Waugh - Shooting

Luke Cannon - Pony Club

Laura Geitz - Netball

Michael Maher - Rodeo

Brent Eastwell - Equestrian

Stephanie O'Brien - Netball

Bianca Weier - Rodeo

Rachael Bell - Athletics

Encouragement award winner - Jessica O'Brien

Overall winner - Laura Geitz


Senior Sports Stars 2005

Adam Simonelli - Cycling

Chris Fox - Boxing

Anthony Collins - Harness Racing

Jennine Gerrard - Shooting

Claire Bondfield - Equestrian

Wayne Trim - Touch

Ken Domjahn - Wild Horse Racing

Robert Davey - Football

Barbara Schelbach - Shooting

Mark Collins - Rodeo

Cameron Shepherd - Polocrosse

Overall winner - Jennine Gerrard


Junior Sports Stars 2006

Haelie Donaldson - Athletics/Martial Arts

Delissa Kimmince - Cricket

Matthew Carey - Multi Sport

Tegan Warrener - Swimming

Joshua Coleman - Archery

Lachlan Slade - Rodeo

Bianca Weier - Rodeo

Ben Sullivan - Rugby League

Lilian Burrill - Orienteering

Hayden Alldridge - Boxing

Samuel Warrener - Athletics

Encouragement award winner - Tegan Warrener

Overall winner - Haelie Donaldson


Senior Sports Stars 2006

Jason Schubert - Boxing

Phil Seibel - Cycling

Richard Lucas - Mountain Bike Riding

Luke Brosnan - Rugby League

Mal Smith - Shooting

Margaret Ragh - Bowls

Scott Morton - Rugby League

Roy Barsby - Endurance Riding

Dean Porter - Rodeo

Josh Williams - Cricket

Ken Burley - Golf

Overall winner - Mal Smith


Junior Sports Stars 2007

Rachael Clarke - Rodeo

Max Ackermann -Swimming

James Johnson - Football

Tegan Warrener - Swimming

Sarah Stewart - Athletics

Dylan Selfe - Boxing

Ryan Donovan - Polocrosse

Helen Goddard - Eventing

Haelie Donaldson - Athletics

Chelsea Hetherington - Cricket

Leigh Borrell - Athletics

Encouragement Award Winner - Max Ackermann

Overall winner - Tegan Warrener


Senior Sports Stars 2007

Adam May - Cricket

Andrew Horchner - Paragliding

Ross Shepherd - Polocrosse

Bob Hade - Masters Swimming/Cycling

Victoria Whitley - Motor Racing

Robert Goodwin - Showjumping

Matt Bell - Motocross

Chris Loy - Drag Racing

Jo Barrett - Rugby League

Margaret Ragh - Bowls

Delissa Kimmince - Cricket

Overall winner - Ross Shepherd

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