Zorbing at sunset in Nimbin.
Zorbing at sunset in Nimbin. Supplied Liam Brehme

Zorbing in the land down under

IT WAS invented in New Zealand and quickly became a huge global craze after featuring in one of the challenge legs of the TV series The Amazing Race.

Now Zorbing may arrive in Nimbin as early as November if the Lismore City Council gives it a tick.

Zorbing, for the unadventurous, is when people get inside a large plastic bubble, or globe, and literally roll down the hill or over water.

Liam Brehme, of Nimbin's Rox Youth Hostel, is behind the push to establish Australia's first Zorb franchise in Nimbin to bring tourist dollars to the local economy during the normally slow winter months.

“It's something more for tourists to do here and reduce the quiet period over winter,” the 22-year-old said.

“It will bring money for all the shops in Nimbin and it's something a bit new and different.”

Mr Brehme said money generated from the attraction would help fund a reforestation project of more than half a million trees over 60ha.

The course, consisting of three different runs of about 250m, will be located near Blade Rd.

While the participants cannot steer or direct the globe as it bounces down the hill, grooves dug into the ground keep it on the right track.

“It's not actually a very fast ride, it tends to bound down the hill,” Mr Brehme said.

“It's not stomach churning and it's suitable for people from six to 60.”

Still it's not only the Zorb that promises a bouncy ride.

The development application has already caused some concern among locals worried about the impact on the wildlife living on the dam where the ride ends.

Lismore City Mayor Jenny Dowell said objections had already been lodged.

Mr Brehme said he was aware of the concerns, adding he was working with residents to create “something that will work for everyone”.

“There are ducks and wildlife on the dam, but we are doing a very limited amount of work there, and we are working with the university and TAFE to make sure we get some environmental benefit out of it,” he said.

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