How a milk run saw me chase down a drink driver

Well that certainly was not a typical Tuesday night. This is what happens when you run out of milk.

Driving Tom to footy training just before 4:30pm and making our way to Aerodrome Rd via the backstreets because of the roadworks near the school, we find ourselves behind this ute driving at about 15kms/hr.

As the vehicle looks to be pulling over into a driveway, I move to pass.

Paul Braven

That was when this bloke jumps on the gas and moves back into the middle of the road! Thinking I'd misread his intentions of pulling over and finding myself pushed out into the opposite lane I braked to slip back in behind, only to have him brake also.

So I try to overtake and what do you think happens? He speeds up yet again. There did not appear to be any confusion on his behalf, he appeared to be intentionally mimicking my moves in order to block mewaiting for an oncoming vehicle which duly appeared in the form of a silver Toyota Camry.

Slamming on my brakes he slipped past on my inside providing me an opportunity to get over again and narrowly avoid the oncoming vehicle.

Something wasn't right with this guy but with Tom in the car I wasn't about to find out what.

Fast forward to 8pm and we've run out of milk. Jumping in the car again I'm reversing out of our driveway only to stop at the bottom to wait for a car to pass coming up the road. Waiting....this car is going so slow.

There's another car behind the first car patiently trailing behind.

As the first car passes behind me, I look over my shoulder to see the back of the first vehicle.

It's a white hilux ute...rego...BINGO!

There's something not right here and this guy is trying to cause a prang.

I ring home and my wife rings the police station.

However, trying to follow a vehicle that's driving at 15-20kms an hour is a lot harder than it sounds.

He goes up and back Gretel Drive four or five times before turning into Apollo.

He's turned into Reservoir Court now and knowing it was a dead end, I've sat off on Junee knowing he must come past...and he does...but...he turns into Junee and his headlights are now facing straight at me!

Crap, I've been sprung! But his steely gaze is fixed directly ahead and not on me.

He makes a right turn behind me heading towards J Hickey. I follow again but have lost him.

I catch sight of headlights in a driveway. He's reversing out and coming my way. I quickly duck into the side street, kill my lights and wait.

He turns into Ben Lexen, another dead end. He turns left out of Ben Lexen and over the ridge. I set off expecting to see his tail lights,but there's nothing.

As I get further along our street, feeling disappointed I glance at a license plate of one of the parked cars. It's the car!

I quickly dial my wife to let the crew know his location. I do a u-turn and sit across the road anxiously waiting for the crew to arrive.

And then, just like the lighthorse leaping over the trenches, the crew appears from behind me from the other end of Gretel.

They're here! Watching from a distance, he takes a long time to pull over but he eventually complies and the good guys have got their man.

Not knowing what was his behind his erratic behaviour I read in The Observer online on Wednesday morning he was detained after blowing (over the limit)!

After retelling the story to my seemingly captivated audience at home I paused to receive their praise and adulation to be greeted with "Yeah Dad, but did you remember the milk?"

Tough crowd.

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