Police execute more search warrants

STANTHORPE Police have executed further search warrants in the area resulting in a number of persons being charged with drug related offences.

Senior Sergeant Mark Ireland said warrants were executed in Archibald Street and Lock Street resulting in two people being charged.

He said a further man was charged on Saturday night after being stopped for speeding on the highway at Applethorpe, with a subsequent search revealing a quantity of cannabis on the occupant of the vehicle.

“Then on Sunday morning, police attended an address at South Drive at Sugarloaf where they located a cannabis plant drying at that location,” Snr Sgt Ireland said.

“The 39 year old occupant was subsequently charged with possessing drugs.”

He said police investigations are continuing into an offence of wilful damage outside the Central Hotel early on Saturday morning after the window of a vehicle was smashed after being punched.

“It is anticipated that the suspect for the offence will be charged in coming days when located,”he said.

“On Thursday night police intercepted a Toyota Van in High Street, with the female driver later blowing .146% on the breathylser.

“She was charged and served with a 24 hour licence suspension notice, however at around 9.30am the next morning decided to drive away from the front of the Police Station in contravention to the suspension notice.

“She was further charged for driving whilst under suspension and will face Court on June 28.

Snr Sgt Ireland said other traffic related offenders charged over the past week included a 20 year old woman and two men aged 38 and 53, all charged with unlicensed driving.

He saod a 41 year old woman was also charged with driving an unregistered and uninsured vehicle.

In other Stanthorpe police news a residence in Lock Street was unlawfully entered on Thursday afternoon, with the residence left unlocked.

“Being insecure made it easy for the low-life to be in and out quickly, taking with them computers and other equipment,” Snr Sgt Ireland said.

“Again, don’t be complacent.

“Lock your houses and your vehicles when unattended and even if you are in the residence get into the habit of locking the doors to avoid becoming a victim. “The majority of criminals are cowards and will not commit offences unless you make it easy for them.”

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