State MP reveals 'bullying' by long-time Ipswich councillors

JIM Madden has declared he was a victim of bullying by the same long-time councillors who targeted Ipswich City Council staff.

In a speech to the Queensland Parliament, the Ipswich West MP said his office had been contacted by staff who raised "serious concerns" about bullying and improper conduct.

"(They) made it very clear they feared retribution by the council if it ever became known that they had spoken to me," Mr Madden said.

The MP was also attacked by councillors who disagreed with his public comments.

"I have been personally subjected to bullying by some long-time Ipswich city councillors in my capacity as the member for Ipswich West," Mr Madden said.

"I have experienced angry phone calls at 6am in response to some innocuous comment I have made concerning the council that has been reported in the QT, threats to support my political opponents and threats to run against me in retribution.

"If ultimately my support for this Bill costs me my seat of Ipswich West, then so be it," he said.

"My political wellbeing is less important than the wellbeing of the City of Ipswich."

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