STATS: Drug offences were on the increase in 2013.
STATS: Drug offences were on the increase in 2013.

Stats for crims getting high hits a 10-year high

REPORTED drug offences broke a decade-long record in 2013, almost doubling the number reported in 2012 according to Queensland Police data.

A total of 458 drug offences were reported to Warwick Police up to December 2013, nearly doubling the 283 reported in 2012.

Warwick Police Acting Senior Sergeant Shane Reid said the increase in figures was due to an increase in Crime Stoppers calls.

"Increases in reported crime can be attributed to pro-active police investigation and increased reporting from the public," he said.

"People are utilising Police Link and calling Crime Stoppers."

The proactive police investigations included a major crackdown on the drug trade in the Warwick district.

"Warwick CIB conducted a number of drug operations in 2013," Act Snr Sgt Reid said.

"This resulted in a number of trafficking, supplying and possession of drugs charges."

Despite the rise in reported drug offences, data from youth mental health foundation headspace shows the number of young people presenting with drug issues fell in the second half of 2013.

Warwick headspace clinical services and integration manager Mark Goddard said the centre had pretty low presentation rates for drug and alcohol issues among young people.

"Up to the 30th June 3.05% had drugs as a primary issue," he said.

"This decreased to 1.45% in the second half of the year."

"2.22% had drugs and alcohol as a secondary issue, slipping to 1.76% in the second half of the year."

Mr Goddard said the numbers were a good sign for headspace.

"You could read into the stats that young people aren't presenting to headspace about their drug issues," he said.

"Our perspective is that we encourage young people to come in and see us about drug and alcohol issues."

Mr Goddard said it's common knowledge that young people experiment with drugs.

"Headspace is around to minimise the risks for young people," he said.

"We want them to come and talk to us about safe experimenting."

Queensland Police Service crime data shows a total of 1492 offences were reported in the Rose City up to December, 300 more than in the whole of 2012. While most criminal offences in Warwick were up from 2012 statistics, there was a dramatic decrease in reported sex offences which fell from 39 in 2012 to just 12 in 2013.

Act Snr Sgt Reid said anonymous information from the public was key in fighting crime.

"We welcome as much information as possible from the public - either reported to Crime Stoppers or Warwick Police directly," he said.

To report a crime make an anonymous call to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000, Police Link on 131 444 or the Warwick Police Station on 4660 4444.

If you're struggling with drug or alcohol related issues contact the Warwick headspace office on 4661 1999.

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