Step up and take on leadership role

AS the Queensland Rural Regional and Remote Women's Network announce the finalists of its leadership awards, of which I am one, I have been considering the essence of leadership and the potential for all of us to make contributions to our communities and quality of life.

At a state government level, there is a chance for leadership with the Queensland Government 30-year plan and the consultation process. It is an opportunity for the government to genuinely create an holistic context for Queensland however needs to be based on the values of Queenslanders not how-tos.

An holistic context is created by values, what has to be produced and the future required, which ideas are in line with your context and values.

I suggest that the transparency an holistic context delivers for making policy, decisions and future plans would ensure a government of ongoing public support and consistent re-election.

Firstly, it creates the context within which to operate, incorporating our values, what we have to create to live these values and what Queensland would look like at its best. An holistic context is valuable for families, businesses, companies, and all levels of government.

Secondly, it is dynamic as it allows for creativity, incentives (not big sticks), is created from a myriad of ideas so people can be listened to and taken seriously.

These ideas and combinations are run through 10 filtering questions, which cover the future needs, that the root cause is being addressed, and that the idea is socially, economically and environmentally sound simultaneously (not in silos).

This ensures the initiative is in line with and reflected by the values and future we require for Queensland

Thirdly, government can tell us, the constituents and taxpayers, what they are doing and why they are doing it - building trust and credibility in the electorate.

Go to the forums for the 30-year plan, have your say.

The Southern Downs forum will be at Stanthorpe on August 27, from 5-7pm, at the Stanthorpe Civic Centre.

Allora debating teams to show their strength in finals

Allora debating teams to show their strength in finals

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Our region is at risk of large and uncontrollable fires

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