School captains Lucy Boland and Josh Day with principal Cheryl Bullion and vice captains Ben Vellacott and Lindsey-Joyce Marstella.
School captains Lucy Boland and Josh Day with principal Cheryl Bullion and vice captains Ben Vellacott and Lindsey-Joyce Marstella.

Students shine at WHS speech night

Cultural Awards - Full Colours

Timothy Alley, Jason Anderson, Hayden Barr, Lucy Boland, Elizabeth Brown, Timothy Collins, Lauren Crossman, Jack Daley, Mackenzie Dwan, Catherine Emerson, Emilee Flegerbein, Emily Follett, Aleisha Hamilton, Amy Hamilton, Emily Hamlet, Kate Hay, Maggie Hay, Thomas Henry, Thomas Higgins, Hannah Holmes, Dana Jamieson, Cara Jarrett, Erin Jarrett, Christabel Kelly, Jamyka Long, Lindsey - Joyce Marstella, Emily Muller, Rebekah Muller, Gerard O'Mara, Anthony Rixon, Laura Sinden, Jasmine Spiller, Tristan van Hoof, Benjamin Vellacott, Clayton Vellacott, Morgan Vellacott, Matthew Willett, Holly Woodford, Samuel Woodford.

Cultural Awards - Half Colours

Krystal Binnington-Russell, Carly Devine, Rachel Donges, Cameron Grayson, Samuel Harrison, Jessica Hine, Mahala Jones, Sarah Kane, Katelyn Karalius, Millicent Kelly, Clara Maw, Jacob Meiklejohn, Sarah Pickering, Lydia Wallace, Katie Wilkin.

Curricula Enrichment Awards - Full Colours

Lachlan Beale, Thomas Beddow, Lucy Boland, Nicolas Cairns, Emily Follett, Aleisha Hamilton, Hannah Holmes, Dana Jamieson, Shaun Kelly, James King, Karlie Macdonald, Shannen Macdonald, Sarah Pickering, Hayley Roche, Conor Vanderwolf, Brent Walker, Holly Woodford.

Curricular Enrichment Awards - Half Colours

Christabel Kelly and Emily Plant

Service Awards

Lucy Boland, Timothy Collins, Joshua Day, Shandell Doro, Emily Follett, Ellen Hansen, Jessica Hine, Cara Jarrett, Erin Jarrett, Madison Jensen, Christabel Kelly, Millicent Kelly, James King, Amanda Kost-Ryan, Emma Lowe, Karlie Macdonald, Shannen Macdonald, Linday-Joyce Marstella, Clara Maw, Lily Maw, Emily Muller, Sarah Pickering, Demi Quirk, Hayley Roche, Melissa Shapland, Laura Sinden, Jamie Spragge, Tristan van Hoof, Matthew Willet, Holly Woodford.

Special Awards

ATSI Award - Nicole Weier, P & C Award for Excellence (for students on an individual education plan) - Nicolas Cairns, P & C Transition Award (for students on an Individual Education Plan) - Patrick Crook, Warwick High Droughtmaster Participation Award - James King, Condamine Angora and Texel Stud Award - Karlie Macdonald and Shannen Macdonald, Chamber of Commerce Award for Junior Business - Brayden Fearby, Katie Armbruster Memorial Award - Cater Bilbrough, Australian Defence Force Leadership and Teamwork Award - Year 10 - Simeon Burrill, Australian Defence Force Leadership and Teamwork Award - Year 12 - Millicent Kelly, Year 11 University of Queensland Award - Maggie Hay, Caltex Year 10 All Rounder Award - Hannah Holmes.

Sporting Awards

AFL - Half Colours - Montana Fidge,.

Athletics - Full Colours - Elizabeth Brown, Jay Carrie, Timothy Collins, Ty Gardner, Michael Hoppe, Daniel Nielson, Brodie Quirk, Joshua Ryan, Jordan Siebenhausen, Aimee Van Der Hulst . Half Colours - Alexis Carey, Leesa Eastwell, Niamh Hogan, Lily Maw, Jordan Piovesan, Brent Walker, Natalia Webb.

Cross Country - Half Colours - Brooke O'Neil

Cricket - Half Colours - Lily Maw and Jordan Siebenhausen.

Equestrian - Half Colours - Angela Krahe.

Football - Full Colours - Talitha Doroa, Half Colours - Shandell Doro

Hockey - Half Colours - Jacob Reid

Orienteering - Full Colours - Simeon Burrill

Rugby League - Half Colours - Jamie Abbas and Isaac Chaffey

Softball - Full Colours - Rachel Kraak

Squash - Half Colours - Jason Anderson

Touch Footbal - Half Colours - Jamie Abbas

Champion House - Hamilton

Junior Sportsperson of the Year (Ryan Higgs Memorial Shield) - Simeon Burrill

Academic Excellence Awards

Year 8 - Imogen Bilbrough, Hayley Butler, Kate Hay, Niamh Hogan, Kelsey Hoger, Cara Jarrett, Claire Kelly, Tess King, Lily Maw, Megan Mullaly, Rebekah Muller, Melanie Powell, Luisa Schramm, Tahnee Small, Morgan Vellacott, Samuel Woodford, Rae-Louise Wright, Tysharna Wright.

Year 9 - Lauren Brown, David Day, Hannah Donges, Mackenzie Dwan, Emily Follett, Aleisha Hamilton, Dana Jamieson, William Kraak, Fraser McVeigh, Jacob Meiklejohn, Kayla Mountain, Maddison Nero, Holly Noble, Sarah Pickering, Claudia Ready, Hayley Roche, Sophie Shadlow,

Year 10 - Brendan Austin, Georgia Bellingham, Max Constable, Luke Dean, Brayden Fearby, Patrick Gainey, Joe Greenaway, Anthony Hasen, Lauden Henderson, Hannah Holmes, Loretta Kelly, Georgia Kiria, Angela Krahe, Jemyka Long, Jonathan Mulliss, Sarah Nielsen, Daniel Plant, Glen Roulston, Liam Schulz, Adam Sinden, Dylan Treasure, Elise Wyville

Year 11 - Nicholas Austin, Elizabeth Brown, Talitha Doro, Lauren Drewery, Maggie Hay, Sarah Kane, Holly Manwill, Josie McCosker, Emily Muller, Emily Plant, Tristan Van Hoof, McKenzie Wenmoth

Year 12 - Timothy Alley, Justin Betts, Lucy Boland, Matthew Campbell, Scott Clarkson, Joshua Day, Cameron Grayson, Thomas Higgins, Millicent Kelly, Mitchell Lawler, Helen Mulliss, Rachel Pickering, Anthony Rixon, Benjamin Roche, Benjamin Vellacott, Nicholas Wall, Holly Woodford.

Academic Excellence Awards

Year 8 - Christabel Kelly,

Year 10 - Carter Bilbrough, Simeon Burrill, Ruby Grayson, Erin Jarrett, Rachel Kraak, Athena Piovesan, Aimee Van Der Hulst

Year 12 - Rachel Donges, Ellen Hansen, Jessica Hine, Amanda Kost-Ryan

Year 12 Subject Awards

Agricultural Science - Taylah Gibson, Accounting - Ellen Hansen, Biology - Millicent Kelly, Business - Nada Young, Business Communication and Technologies - Amanda Kost-Ryan, Early Childhood - Demi Quirk, Economics - Rachel Donges, English - Ellen Hansen, English Extension - Rachel Pickering, Fitness (Certificate III) - Anthony Rixon, Geography - Amander Kost-Ryan, Graphics - Josh Day, Home Economics - Timothy Alley, Hospitality - Mervyn Mulvaney, Industrial Graphics - Benjamin Roche, Industrial Skills (Furnishings) - Scott Clarkson, Industrical Technology Studies - Benjamin Roche, Information and Communications Technology - Cussandra Cullen, Information Processing and Technology - Justin Betts, Japanese - Jessica Hine, Legal Studies - Rachel Donges, Mathematics A - Rachel Pickering, Mathematics B - Mahala McLeod, Mathematics C - Mahala McLeod, Modern History - Jessica Hine, Multi Arts Studies - Lindsay-Joyce Marstella, Music - Timothy Alley, Music (Extension) - Lucy Boland, Physical Education - Joshua Ryan, Physics - Joshua Day, Practical Agriculture (Rural Operations Certificate II) - Cameron Grayson, Prevocational Mathematics - Shannon Thomas, Recreational Studies - Ty Gardener, Science 21 - Helen Mulliss, University of Southern Queensland Accounting Award - Ellen Hansen, University of Southern Queensland Information, Processing and Technology Award - Matthew Campbell, Paul Ashton and Associates Accounting Award - Matthew Campbell, Paul Ashton and Associates Business Communication and Technologies Award - Grace Bilbrough, Margaret McKinnon Home Economics Award - Demi Quirk, Kid Zone School Aged Centre Early Childhood Award - Taylah Eastwell, Warwick Little Theatre Performing Arts Award - Benjamin Vellacott, SDIEA School Based Apprentice Trainee Award - Danielle Thomas, Malcolm Hall Brown Scholarship - Rachel Donges, Dr Andrew Miller Innovation Award - Joshua Day.

2013 Prestigious Awards

Sportsperson of the Year (Simon Mitchell Memorial Trophy) - Jordan Siebenhausen, Vocational Education Student Prize - Benjamin Roche, School Dux - Jessica Hine, Student of the Year (The Mayor's Medal - Duncan Wilkie Memorial Shield) - Lucy Boland.

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