Kenny "Koala" Bryson at his surprise 60th party at the Tannymorel Bowls Club on Saturday night. Jonno Colfs

Surprising Kenny’s surprise party

IT WAS one of the most surprising surprise parties Tannymorel is ever likely to have seen.

First the birthday boy turned up to the venue, the Tannymorel Bowls Club, early and unannounced for a quiet beer and all incoming guests had to be herded into the club’s kitchen to hide.

Then, one of the elderly guests couldn’t handle the excitement and collapsed. (Thankfully he’s recovering quickly).

Thirdly, the great surprise moment itself was hilariously coloured by a birthday boy who just wouldn’t play by the rules.

He came back into the venue as everyone was getting into position for the surprise.

Kenny “Koala” Bryson, the star of Saturday night’s festivities has more character than a Disney film and a mouth to make a sailor’s parrot blush.

But to everyone around him, he’s got a heart of gold and a smile to match.

Party organiser Lorna Tucker said Kenny had been adopted by the local community.

“He’s down here nearly every day mowing the greens,” she said.

“He stops and has a spell if he needs.

“We have very few working members, so it’s great to have a bloke like Kenny around who just volunteers so much of his time so freely.

“He turned 60 during the week and mentioned he’d never had a birthday party before so we decided to throw him a surprise party.

“We just wanted to let him know how much he’s appreciated.”

Bowls secretary Wayne Tucker said they told Kenny the Condamine Medical Centre doctors were coming out for a meeting, that’s why the room was done up.

“He’s one of them fellas that loves a beer but just goes out of his way for anyone,” Mr Tucker said.

“Bowling greens need a lot of work and he’s done a wonderful job. He calls it ‘Kenny’s Green’.

As for the birthday boy himself, he had no idea.

“Totally surprised,” said Kenny.

“I thought all the quacks were coming here for a pow-wow, not this.

“It’s nice of them. I’m here most days to mow that mongrel green but it gives me something to do.

“And I like most of the people here, except the president Thommo, he’s a pest.

“This is my first-ever birthday party, not counting the time the Salvos brought me a bag of smarties and a cup-cake in Long Bay (jail) for my 21st.”

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