Scott Cummings has inflamed opinion with comments on the Humpday podcast.
Scott Cummings has inflamed opinion with comments on the Humpday podcast.

Former AFL stars axe podcast after sex-joke backlash

FORMER Collingwood captain Dane Swan and AFL journeyman Scott Cummings have axed their podcast after backlash to a tasteless segment in which the pair discussed sex acts.

But Swan remains unrepentant, saying the pair did nothing wrong.

The official Twitter page for Humpday with Scotty and Swanny confirmed the show's demise.

The move came after domestic violence groups slammed the podcast for a segment that discussed sex acts that promoted sexual assault.

But Swan took a defiant tone on Twitter, saying the pair had nothing to apologise for.

"If we had of ever said anything wrong or offensive we would of apologised but the fact is we have never have and I'll debate anyone anywhere arguing that point," he said in a tweet.

Cummings was slammed by domestic violence groups after he joked about sexual assault on his podcast with  Swan.

Radio 3AW is considering its relationship with Cummings after he laughed while reading out apparent sex acts, including "sneaking up" on a woman while she was vomiting on the ground, and masturbating into a sleeping woman's face.

The comments on the Humpday podcast were met with raucous laughter from Cummings, Swan and producer Ralph Horowitz.

Dane Swan was part of the podcast with Scott Cummings.
Dane Swan was part of the podcast with Scott Cummings.

Cummings featured in 3AW Football at the weekend, following his comments.

But the Herald Sun understands questions have been raised about his future with 3AW.

Operations director at 3AW Stephen Beers refused to comment.

The acting chief executive of Domestic Violence Victoria, Alison Macdonald, said comments like Cummings' could lead to more serious issues when they went unchecked.

"Flippant comments degrading women are often dismissed as trivial, harmless and even funny, however the evidence tells us that these attitudes contribute towards the social conditions that allow family violence and violence against women to continue unabated," she said.

Our Watch chief executive Patty Kinnersly said "making light of the idea of sexually assaulting women is an example of condoning violence".

"A society that accepts comments that degrade a group of people also accepts other forms of discrimination against them," she said.

In the Humpday podcast, Cummings, Swan and Horowitz searched the word "dirty" on website Urban Dictionary followed by their first name, after it was suggested by a fan on Twitter.

They started with Horowitz's first name.

"A dirty Ralph occurs when you try and sneak up behind a girl who is on all fours throwing up," Cummings said.

"That's not too bad," Swan said.

Then they moved to Swan's name.

"After a frustrating evening involving a lack of sexual activity a man is forced to pleasure himself through masturbation while the woman sleeps," Cummings said.

"He retaliates at the unwilling woman by spreading his love on her face, thereby causing her to wake up and mumble like a Danish person."

The comment was met with laughter by all three.

Cummings declined to comment.

The Humpday podcast made headlines last week when the trio dismissed the podcast Shameless and suggested its two female hosts "lay together".

It's understood Cummings is not rostered on for a 3AW shift for two weeks.

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