Swine flu patient outraged

A LOCAL mother who rushed her 19-year-old son to Warwick Hospital when he collapsed from a persistent cough was stunned at the “blasé” response she received.

“The doctor told us he had seen 20 similar cases the previous day and they weren't testing for swine flu. They were so blasé,” the 49-year-old woman, who did not want to be identified, said.

The pair was sent home and the woman was told to simply medicate her son with “Panadol and cough mixture”.

A week later, on July 15, the mother of four returned to the hospital after caring for her ill son and was subsequently diagnosed with the H1N1 virus herself. She was the only family member to be tested.

“In all my days, never have I been so sick,” the woman said.

“I was so sick with coughing, aches and pains. I saw another doctor who was concerned because apparently I'm in a high risk category.”

It was only then she was tested for swine flu.

The test returned a positive result on Monday July 20.

The woman was then asked to return to the hospital for a check up the following day.

“There was an ante-natal class on at the hospital with pregnant women and babies. I didn't think I should be there so I left,” she said.

The mother of four has two school-aged children, one who attends The Scots PGC College and one who attends Warwick State High School.

“I was given no medication (by Warwick Hospital) and had no instructions to stay at home, but I stayed home and my kids stayed home too.

“I don't want to scare people, and the hospital does do the best they can, but people need to know swine flu is in Warwick.

“We haven't left Warwick so we got it here and people need to know there is a severe strain of it here.”

Earlier this week Queensland Health said there was no immediate plan to re-open the Warwick swine flu clinic at the “old” Oaks nursing home but it remained an option if there was a sharp spike in local cases.

“How could they possibly know if there's a spike in local cases if they're not testing people; my son wasn't tested,” the woman said.

“I was furious with how my son was treated.”

Queensland Health was unavailable for comment at the weekend.

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