Teaching and learning not for sale

TEACHING conditions are learning conditions and learning conditions are not for sale.

That was the message delivered loud and clear at the Queensland Teachers Union rally in Brisbane on Tuesday night.

Up to 500 teachers, friends and family gathered outside Parliament House to protest against the State Government's approach to their enterprise bargaining agreement.

Chants of "shame Campbell shame" could be heard from the halls of Parliament House, where MPs were sitting.

Queensland Teachers Union deputy general secretary Kate Ruttiman, who has been instrumental in wage negotiations with the government, told the emotional crowd she hoped the LNP had learned something from the rejection of their offer.

"This Government has not learnt anything," she said. "They have not listened and they have not made a counter-offer.

"Investment in education is an investment in the economy and an investment in Queensland's future."

Teachers are unhappy with a proposal to amend their conditions which would result in a variation to class sizes, impacts on the Remote Area Incentive Scheme and pose a risk to beginning teachers pay.

QTU president Kevin Bates said the Government had made one offer - a 2.7% pay increase - on the basis teachers and principals accept the stripping away of protections around more than 20 conditions in the current agreement.

Grade 11 Brisbane student Felix Gibson gave a moving speech on the powerful influence his teachers had on his life.

"I know this is not a 9-3 job," the son of a teacher said.

"I know I will look back in 30 years time and be thankful about what my teachers did for me."

Video message from regional teachers were broadcast to the protesting crowd.

The teachers rally follows an earlier rally on Tuesday involving firefighters and paramedics.

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