Teens on path to great career

LEAVING school can be a daunting time, however two Warwick teens are one step closer to their dream career with help from a passionate team and a local business mogul.

Warwick High School students Josh Sternsdorf and Lachlan Stewart signed school-based apprenticeship contracts yesterday, proactively marking their tip for future careers for fitting and turning.

“We'll be trained at John Dee as engineering mechanical trade apprentices,” Lachlan said.

“This is experience I can take anywhere.”

Fellow 16-year-old student Josh could not contain his excitement when told he would start paid work on Monday.

“This sector interests me and it's great I'll be earning some cash too,” he said.

Southern Downs Industry and Education Association (SDIEA) facilitated the connection between John Dee and the high school teens.

SDIEA aims to take the stress out of leaving school by linking teen skills, interests and abilities to get them on a path to a future career.

Vocation Education and Training (VET) co-ordinator Natalie Perrett said she enjoyed working with the pair.

“They're good guys with a sense of humour so it's all very exciting,” she said.

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