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Testing kids' toys quickest way to hospital this Christmas

THE one place you don't want to end up this Christmas is at the hospital emergency department.   

The Emergency Medicine Foundation is expecting a rise in injuries today caused by Christmas fun and festivities and is urging everyone to take extra care.   

Parents are being warned to be careful when trying out the kids' new skateboards and when they are cooking Christmas lunch with hot ovens and barbecues.

Emergency Medicide Foundation Chair Dr Peter Aitken says adults need to learn to leave the kids' toys to the kids.

  "Accidents involving adults trying out children's Christmas presents are amongst the most common reasons we see an increase in people at hospital emergency departments over the festive season,'' said  Dr Aitken.

"Other risk groups are grandparents who also like to try out the kids' presents and dads using new power tools they've been given.''  

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, more than 112,000 Queenslanders present to a hospital emergency department each month but doctors say this figure soars during the December-January holiday period.  

"At this time of the year, emergency department admissions increase significantly and our doctors are dealing with preventable silly season accidents," Dr Aitken said.  

"Stress and alcohol can both play a part in causing preventable accidents. From king hits to glassing attacks, drug overdoses and road fatalities, the scope and severity of injuries varies widely over the holiday period.  

"We are reminding people that while Christmas is a time for relaxation and fun, there is still a need to take care and be responsible.''      



  1. Pool accidents from slipping on wet cement or tiles
  2. Falling off skateboards, scooters and bikes
  3. Accidents involving power tools
  4. Cooking cuts and burns
  5. Falling down stairs and off ladders
  6. Heat stroke/exhaustion and extreme sun burn

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