Tests clear Southern Downs water of crypto

TEST results received from Queensland Health have cleared Southern Downs Regional Council's water supplies in Warwick and Allora of any cryptosporidiosis infection.

Mayor Peter Blundell said council started investigations into the water supply after reports about an Allora resident's concern that her child had contracted cryptosporidiosis from the Allora water supply.

"At the time council was contacted by the media, we had not received any direct complaints nor been notified by any person, including the resident, or agency, that there was an issue or concern with the water supply in Allora or Warwick, and in particular with cryptosporidiosis.

"However, council staff responded quickly, and in addition to doing extra e.coli water tests, staff also took samples for cryptosporidiosis and giardia.

"Nine samples were obtained over two sample periods and sent to Queensland Health for analysis, and I'm pleased to confirm that all test results have been returned negative, clearing the water supplies of both cryptosporidiosis and giardia," Cr Blundell said.

"Given the negative result, no further specific tests will be conducted for cryptosporidiosis and giardia. However, we will continue to carry out our regular water quality testing in accordance with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines," he said.

Cryptosporidiosis is a parasitic infection of medical and veterinary importance that is spread by faecal-oral transmission including person to person, animal to person, waterborne and food borne transmission.

Control methods include practising good personal hygiene, taking care when disposing of human or animal faeces, and ensuring careful hand washing after handling animals with diarrhoea.

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