Sparkling new: The booths arrived all intact yesterday.
Sparkling new: The booths arrived all intact yesterday.

New Hungry Jack's built in a day

FROM a cement slab in the morning to shiny red vinyl stools, booths and a nearly functional fast food joint by the afternoon.

It wouldn’t be an understatement to say Hungry Jack’s went up before Rose City resident’s eyes yesterday as eight trucks arrived on Tuesday night at the site on the corner of Albion and Wood streets, with the store due to open its doors in mid-May.

BRB Modular site foreman Greg Gledhill ran the team as they placed the seven modules of the building, which had been pre-built in BRB Modular site in Bendigo, Victoria, together to form the restaurant.

“The trucks left Monday and took two days to get here. The main building was set up (yesterday) by cranes and basically it will be two to three weeks until all the building works are complete,” Mr Gledhill told the Daily News on site yesterday.

This is the sixth building Hungry Jack’s has built using the modular design, which are sectional prefabricated buildings manufactured in a facility and then delivered.

BRB Modular client operations officer Nathan Chilver said the fitting of the modules was completed after about six hours of work with the workers moving on to the final fit out.

“The modules are more time efficient, you could practically run it from back in Bendigo,” Mr Chilver said.

The seven modules range from the largest weighing in at 20 tonne to the party room which is the smallest weighing seven tonne and each came fully set up with microphones attached to the front counter and the stools waiting to be perched on.

“The electrical works, plumbing works are ready to start. All the final components of the steel are next for tomorrow (today) – so it will be like a two day turn around.”

Today the work on the awnings will go up for the drive through and the playground area before the workers will turn to focus on the inside.

The team has been appointed for Warwick Hungry Jack’s with 61 employees from the Warwick area all preparing to start in mid-May in part-time and full-time roles with a few existing managers to help the new employees.

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