THC Global has its Christmas wish list sorted.
THC Global has its Christmas wish list sorted. FatCamera

THC Global's wish for Christmas

WITH Christmas just around the corner, THC Global CEO Ken Charteris is optimistic they will get the last of the necessary licences and permits just in time to get their wish of a medicinal cannabis product bottled for validation by mid-December and to Australian patients early next year.

Mr Charteris said with two state-of-the-art facilities - one of which is in Bundaberg - they were well equipped to bring the commerciality of the Australian medicinal cannabis industry to light once they are given the green light on their last few permits.

Earlier this month THC Global was given the final licences required for Australian production and distribution of narcotic medicines, including medicinal cannabis independently for both the 'Bundy' Facility and the Southport Manufacturing Facility.

This milestone was reached on the grant of Schedule 8 (S8) and Schedule 4 (S4) manufacturing licences by the Queensland Department of Health for the Company's manufacturing facilities.

While it might seem quiet from the outside looking in, Mr Charteris said they were at a critical point in the medicinal cannabis gold rush but assured they are on track to meet their set targets.

And with 8500 shareholders, facilities, and Bundaberg-based research, they were looking to produce high-quality, low cost medicinal cannabis to patients in need in the near future.

While there is no shortage of criteria they need to meet in order to receive pharmaceutical GMP certification from the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration, Mr Charteris said this will be great for Australian patients and the export potential for the business once they have a product for the market.

He said a lot of people don't realise the what work goes on behind the scenes to bring a pharmaceutical company online, and they were proud of what they had accomplished thus far.

Once they get into the production phase, Mr Charteris said the affordability and high quality will be the difference in their product and will help "change a lot of people's lives".

The receipt of the Manufacture Permit will also enable the company to finalise the formulation of its cannabis oral solutions in preparation for commercial production.

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