The face behind winter festival

IT'LL never take off, Warwick is too conservative.

They were the words the founding members of the Jumpers and Jazz in July Festival heard when they first voiced the idea.

However, six years later, the quirky festival is bigger than ever and Warwick Art Gallery director Karina Devine said she was thrilled with the community's support but did admit there had been many sleepless nights and as many early mornings.

“Everyone has been so supportive and I hope the entire festival exceeds people's expectations,” Ms Devine said. “I've been up since 5am most days but I'm so happy with how it's all come together.”

Behind the scenes, Jumpers and Jazz has been a flurry of activity but, it's a little known fact, the festival is run by our very own not-for-profit Warwick Art Gallery.

“People have asked if they hand their tree jumpers in to the (Southern Downs Regional) council so a lot of people don't know the gallery is actually behind the festival,” Ms Devine said.

“We do receive a grant from the council but it's all put together by our staff at the gallery - Loretta Grayson, Pat Benkendorff, me and about 40 volunteers,” she said.

One of the most loved traditions of the festival is the inclusion of tree jumpers, which is about 150 jumpers-strong this year, which decorate our streets.

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