GREAT FUTURE: Warwick junior netball umpires at Barnes Park.
GREAT FUTURE: Warwick junior netball umpires at Barnes Park. Linda Bunch

The grants process was quite a ride for our netballers

NETBALL CHAT with Linda Bunch

AS secretary of Warwick Netball, the past two to three years have been a roller-coaster of learning, sourcing, liaising, gathering and collating, lodging and waiting, followed by disappointment and finally elation.

The journey of applying for funding from Federal and State government grants is one I have learnt much from, the least being patience.

I am an immediate action person (less likely to forget something this way). I'm a believer in address it now, follow it through now, do/make/implement changes or actions now, the job is done; move on and let the flow continue for all involved.

Enter the world of grants and never shall the word now arise. The application process in itself is huge and the requirements are endless but necessary.

Naturally when seeking a very large contribution, much detail is needed. An extreme amount of work goes into receiving an email stating 'thank you but you've been unsuccessful'.

Leaving absolutely no option but to do it all again and again until Santa, Plutus (Greek god of wealth) or whoever yields the 'green tick' pen smiles upon your submission. The relief is indescribable.

Knowing we 'now' have the means to supply the highest grade safe and nationally accredited facilities and therefore have the ability to expand and welcome larger numbers of players, to families and young netballers for many decades to come is heart-warming (and a little heart stopping also).

By the middle of the year, the Warwick and District Netball Association plans to fully reconstruct the four original 30-year-old courts, upgrade two grass surfaces to hard courts and resurface an existing court at Barnes Park, giving us seven state-of-the-art flexi-pave courts and one grass court.

Saturday junior fixtures, association and district school carnivals are played at Barnes Park. It's been a long and intense journey for all involved to bring this to fruition, however with construction due to start any day now the end result will be worth it all.

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