NEW GEAR: The Killarney First Responders Group members show off their new kit.
NEW GEAR: The Killarney First Responders Group members show off their new kit. Contributed

Life-saving gear for Killarney First Responders

THE Killarney First Responders Group recently bought two new resuscitation and response kits with funds donated to the group through community fundraising events.

These new kits will alleviate the first responders having to meet each afternoon and morning to swap over kits as they come on call.

The group, which started in November 2007, will soon respond to its 1000th callout.

That's not bad for volunteers who also hold down normal jobs, but who place themselves on call to respond to call outs by the Queensland Ambulance Service.

The six personnel were trained by the Queensland Ambulance Service.

First response is simultaneous with a normal Queensland Ambulance Service Response, and activated by the QAS Operations Centre, the first responders are linked to the QAS Communications network via QAS portable radio and mobile phones.

Their objective is to provide fast intervention in life-threatening emergencies.

On receipt of a call, the first responders travel to the scene in a normal manner (using their own personal vehicle) and undertake the following tasks:


1. Assess the scene and the patient's condition;


2. Provide an immediate situation report to QAS Communications;


3. Provide immediate basic life support patient care;


4. Protect and stay with the patient until the arrival of QAS paramedics.

The first responders must be competent in a number of areas and this involves meeting weekly and attending training days to refresh their skills and accreditation.

Not only do they give time for this training they also volunteer their time to attend shifts at the Warwick Ambulance Station where they go on call-outs with the paramedics and also attend local events that require the QAS to be on standby, such as the Killarney Border Ranges Trail Ride where they are also able to work alongside doctors.

All funds donated to the Killarney First Responders are held by the Warwick Local Ambulance Committee which oversees the expenditure under strict guidelines.

All equipment purchase applications must be approved by the area commissioner.

Acting officer in charge Jamie Taylor gave credit to the volunteers for what they do and said the donations and response to fundraising events showed the community had embraced the service.

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