Selling apps to the world

TWO Lismore computer buffs who are developing their own apps are not only creating a sustainable business with a zero-carbon footprint, but they're also doing their bit for the national trade deficit.

Mark Hill and Alex Clarke now have four apps for sale on the Apple App Store, for a few dollars each, that are starting to generate healthy international sales.

"It is becoming my main business. As we add more apps we hope to have a business capable of sustaining itself," Mr Hill said.

The computer programmers' latest app, muon, generates psychodelic visuals to music following Isaac Newton's laws of motion at about 7500 particles a second.

"In technical terms it's a particle simulation - basically a sea of particles that move in response to music based on Newtonian mechanics," he said.

"I describe it as creating visuals that range from the seething chaos of a supernova through to rave-like string forms."

And dance raves or doofs were part of the inspiration for the program.

"Really you can just plug it into your television if you're at home having a party, set the music from your library and you've got an instant visual show," he said.

"We're still not really sure if there is a market for it in the VJ scene (a visual DJ), but there're plenty of VJs out there - so it's a bit of an evolutionary idea, but part of it was just to push the boundaries and see what I could do on a mobile device.

"I like music, I play guitar - in fact my first app I made for guitarists. It allows you to slow down the speed and change the pitch of the music as well as apply other effects," he said.

"The original idea was to make something that would slow down Joe Satriani tracks to the point I'd be able to keep up.

"It's a collaborative effort but in general one of us will have a project and get the other's input, and vice versa (so) there are bits of our work in each other's apps."

Visit to check out the apps.

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