The next age of Aussie voters

AS the Rudd government announced it would canvas changes which would allow 16 and 17 year olds the voluntary right to vote in federal elections yesterday, it has posed the question of whether our own Rose City youth know more about actor Kevin Bacon than they do about Kevin Rudd.

As Enrol to Vote Week rolls in, some Year 12 Warwick State High School students have for the first time begun thinking about their own political views.

When shown a picture students could easily identify their prime minister, but to these young adults he is more affectionately known as “Kevvy”.

Unfortunately for Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull, only one of the students in our selected group recognised who he was.

Student Lauren Stephens said she did not know who Mr Turnbull was but she recognised he had been on television a lot recently.

Federal MP Bruce Scott was identified by three of the students but when asked what electorate our region was part of and what he represents, only one student could answer.

Dani McKenzie said she had seen Mr Scott around the ridges although when shown the photo did not “really know what he does” and when the next election was announced would consider giving her vote to the Greens.

Olivia Fischer said she was always interested in the people who made the decisions for her country.

“I like knowing what is happening in this country and these people are making all the decisions for us so it's good to know who they are and what they stand for.”

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