The Old Fella aims to have you in stitches

"The Old Fella", Rod Gregory, brings a good old dose of Aussie humour to the stage.

IF YOU are looking for a good laugh, the Warwick RSL Club is the place to experience the true-blue country humour of farmer-turned-comedian "The Old Fella".

Since receiving fourth place in the 2011 grand finals of Australia's Got Talent, Rod "The Old Fella" Gregory has toured across the country, performing to sold-out shows.

September will bring Rod to the Rose City, where he means to have the whole family in stitches with his "old-fashioned stand-up and knock 'em down comedy".

"I really enjoy going to small country towns, where you can quite often play to three generations of the same family," Rod said.

"It's quite delightful to see things like a teenager laughing then having a quick look across at grandma to see if she is laughing too.

"It gives me great joy at seeing all the families together."

After three serious back operations spelled the end of 53 years as a farmer, Rod found himself completing a 10week comedy course.

Hoping for just two minutes of fame, Rod auditioned for the 2011 season of Australia's Got Talent, and much to his surprise, ended up getting fourth place in the competition.

Rod said performing in front of 5000 people at the grand final was terrifying, but he would do it all again in a heartbeat.

"I really didn't expect to get more than one performance, so to get an instant standing ovation on my first go was incredible - I'll never forget that moment," he said.

"I thought to myself, 'God, you silly old bugger, what have you done here?'"

For Rod, the country life will always be for him and a place where he feels most at home.

"The number one thing that is special about the country is the honesty of the people," he said.

"You know everybody's business, and that can be good and bad - you've got to be honest or it just doesn't work."

"The Old Fella does not plan to slow down anytime soon, and has been knocking back two or three gigs a week since his rise to notoriety.

"I promised the grandkids I'd ride the wave to the beach, and it certainly hasn't petered out yet," Rod said.

"It's really mind-blowing, looks as though the wave might be bigger and longer than you thought it was."

For those aspiring to be comedians, Rod suggested to 'seriously look at not swearing'.

"Every time you use a swear word, you've missed a decent opportunity to use a beautiful adjective to describe something."

"You might as well have a set you can use both on stage or television and radio."

After comedy, he plans to write some stories based on his adventures.

Don't miss the opportunity to catch The Old Fella when he visits the Warwick RSL Club at 7pm on the 19th of September.

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