Child safety paramount on the road

THE Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) is calling out to parents this Ambulance Week to ensure all children are safely restrained when travelling on the road.

QAS South Western Region Acting Assistant Commissioner Dee Taylor-Dutton said it was the responsibility of the adult behind the wheel to ensure the safety of any children in the vehicle.

"One of the greatest tragedies on our roads is the death and injury of children due to inappropriate child restraints or young children wearing adult seat belts which are too big for them," she said.

Ms Taylor-Dutton said QAS encouraged motorists to secure children in the rear seat of the vehicle rather than the front passenger seat, as it was proven to be the safest seat in the car.

"All children up to the age of seven years should be travelling in the back seat of vehicles," she said.

"Parents and carers also need to be vigilant to ensure that the restraints are correctly fitted and adjusted to suit the growing child.

"These simple measures can make all the difference if your vehicle is involved in a crash."

QAS provides a baby capsule hire service for parents and carers of new born babies to ensure they always travel safe. Each year, they fit more than 12,000 baby capsules across Queensland.

For more information on the QAS Baby Capsule Hire Service, call 1300 369 003.

Legislation introduced in March 2010 makes it compulsory for all children up to seven years of age to be correctly restrained according to their size and age. For more information visit or

Ambulance Week celebrations (12-16 September) are held annually on the anniversary of the first civil ambulance service in Queensland. It provides an opportunity to reflect on the outstanding work of Queensland's dedicated ambulance officers and volunteers and encourages the community to be better prepared for an emergency situation.

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