The trip of their lifetime

WARWICK State High School students are ready to start a new chapter of their lives after Year 12 with the experience of another culture.

Brearne Marsh has landed a position with the Scouts International Study and Exchange Program where she will travel to Denmark and attend school and Scout meetings.

Brearne will live with a Danish family for six weeks and on return will stay at a Scout hostel in the centre of London for a week.

Brearne said she was excited about the adventure and decided to become involved when her family took in Danish students last year through the program.

“This year they sent out a flyer asking for us to go after we had exchange students last year,” she said.

Warwick Scouts group leader Peter See said the students went through an interview process where they were selected to participate.

“They have to go to school and experience life as a student in another culture,” Mr See said.

Year 12 students Lilian Burrill and Kirstin Payne are involved with the gap exchange program Lattitude and next year will go to Poland where they will teach students.

Lattitude is a volunteering program and the girls will be busy when they graduate saving money to participate in the exchange which will begin in August next year.

Lilian said she was excited about the chance to experience another culture and was interested in becoming a teacher.

“I am actually considering teaching as a career, this is helping me decide if teaching is for me and if I want to pursue it,” Lilian said.

“In between our teaching duties there will be plenty of time to go sightseeing around Europe so it will be heaps of fun as well.”

Kirstin said the country struggled to afford teachers and this would be a way to give Polish students a better education. “They can't actually afford teachers over there and hopefully we will be able to help them out somehow to give them a better future,” Kirstin said.

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