Theft a week after parole

A MAN has traded his freedom for $40 worth of alcohol, having been put back behind bars after breaching his parole within one week.

Toowoomba man Jesse Lea Taylor fronted Warwick Magistrates Court on Tuesday, where he pleaded guilty to assaulting police, possessing dangerous drugs and stealing.

The court heard the 20-year-old attended a Warwick bottle shop on September 11, grabbed a carton of alcohol and ran to his vehicle without paying for it.

Shortly after the incident, the shop attendant spotted the green Corolla he had witnessed Taylor make his getaway in earlier, and approached the vehicle to get a description of the people inside.

On Monday this week police spoke to Taylor and a number of others who implicated him in the alcohol theft, and he was subsequently taken to the Warwick watch house.

While in custody police performed a pat down search of Taylor, during which they located 0.1g of amphetamine located in his pants pocket.

During a subsequent search, Taylor was directed by police to remove his shirt and trousers.

The court heard the man became agitated at the order and - despite not being directed to do so - removed his underpants and threw them at the officer, hitting him in the chest.

Taylor had been released from jail and placed on parole on September 4, just one week before the stealing incident at the bottle shop.

He had been sentenced to 15 months jail in May of this year for numerous charges, including stealing and other offences similar to those he fronted court for this week.

The court heard the man had successfully graduated from high school but his life took a turn for the worse when he watched a close friend die in a swimming accident.

Defence counsel for Taylor told the court Taylor was likely in "party mode" at the time of the stealing incident and said the offences on their own were "relatively minor".

Magistrate Anne Thacker rebuffed the statements, saying the offences were not minor, given they had been committed within a week of Taylor being placed on parole.

She chastised the young man for his "sheer audacity" and made particular mention of the assault against the police officer, telling him he didn't have to physically hurt somebody to assault them.

During court proceedings, the magistrate had to direct the young man to move away from supporters in the public gallery and at one time scolded him for his apparent bad attitude within the court room.

Magistrate Thacker also told the man his actions would have to be followed with serious consequences.

"The only appropriate penalty is time in custody," Magistrate Thacker said.

"You really have jeopardised your immediate future."

Taylor was sentenced to nine months jail, with a parole eligibility date set for December 13, 2011.

He was also ordered to pay $40 restitution for the alcohol.

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