Think you're a Roald Dahl pro? Put your knowledge to the test

BARGAIN: Pick up your copy of Fantastic Mr Fox for just $2.60 with the Warwick Daily News today.
BARGAIN: Pick up your copy of Fantastic Mr Fox for just $2.60 with the Warwick Daily News today.

WITH an all-star cast including George Clooney and Meryl Streep, Fantastic Mr Fox is a family film the whole pack will enjoy.

After 12 years of living the quiet life, Mr Fox gives in to his animal instincts and raids nearby farms of their humans.

When he is forced into hiding, he must resort to his own craftiness to rise above the opposition.

Based on the classic story by Roald Dahl, this is one the children and adults will enjoy equally.

Grab the token inside today's paper and take it to a participating newsagent, Woolworths, Coles or IGA. Grab the DVD for just $2.60 with the paper.

Keep collecting all this week to complete your collection.

To celebrate today's film, see if you can nail this Roald Dahl quiz.

1. Who did the BFG snatch from the 'norphanage'?

2. Who is Matilda's headmistress?

3. Who owns the giant chocolate factory?

4. Who did George make his medicine for?

5. Where was Roald Dahl born?

6. What does the enormous crocodile like to eat?

7. Which story is about a fantastic animal?

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Thurs October 26: Turbo (Warwick Daily News)

Fri October 27: Dr Seuss' Horton Hears a Who (Warwick Daily News)

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1. Sophie

2. Miss Trunchbull

3. Willy Wonka

4. His Grandma

5. Llandaff in Wales

6. Children..eek!

7. Surely we don't need to tell you this one!

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