Warwick State High School leaders.
Warwick State High School leaders. Emma Channon

Tomorrow's leaders look ahead

CLIMATE change, OP results, their career path, travel, balancing family and friends with work – they’re tomorrow’s leaders and they’ve got a lot on their mind.

With International Youth Day on Friday, August 12 fast approaching, the Daily News sat down with Warwick State High School leaders to ask them what issues are important to young people today.

School captains Sally Whitton and Ethan Cussen and vice-captains Jane Gamgee and Jaak Wright, are well aware they are future leaders.

“What we do will impact the next generation,” said Sally.

The issue of climate change, they say, has been drilled into them for a number of years and is something they are “very aware” of.

When it comes to school, they say today’s seniors experience mixed emotions – both anxiety and excitement – about finishing their education and beginning a new chapter.

Jaak added it was important they set their goals to help them plan.

When asked what they planned to do once finishing school, each response was as different as the next.

Jane plans on starting her medicine degree next year while Sally hopes to get into the beef industry.

“I want to take a gap year and then study forensics so I can get into the police force,” said Ethan.

“In my year off I just want to work, save money and enjoy sleeping in!”

If all went to plan, Jaak said he would defer his media and business degree to work and save money also.

When it came to the demands of balancing study with social life, the four agreed most pressure came from themselves.

“We probably have bigger expectations than parents or teachers,” said Ethan.

“You’ve got exams and assignments and OP results, but you only go through it all once,” added Jaak.

The four leaders – like many other youth – also have the travel itch.

Jane said she had been overseas and “really wants to go back” while Jaak wanted to visit Norway in the next couple of years.

“I’d love to go to Norway and visit (former exchange student) Magnus,” said Ethan.

“I want to go out to the Canadian ranches and work there,” said Sally.

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