313,000 Queenslanders and counting

A Toowoomba's household has today joined 313,000 other Queenslander homes to save bundles on their annual power bills with the Queensland Government's ClimateSmart Home Service, installing a suite of devices for a bargain basement price.

Minister for Environment Vicky Darling was in Toowoomba today and with Member for Toowoomba North Kerry Shine, paid a visit to the More household as they received the revamped ClimateSmart Home Service.

"People like Lennette More, and each of the other Queensland householders who have taken up the challenge to cut their household's carbon emissions, are doing the smart thing and saving hundreds off their power bills," Ms Darling said.

"So far, more than 313,000 households across Queensland have now signed up to receive the service and have ClimateSmart technology installed in their homes.

"Numbers like that clearly show that Queenslanders are committed to running their households more sustainably.

"Whether you live in Toowoomba, on the Gold Coast or in Mt Isa, Gladstone or Brisbane, the service delivers incredible value for householders like the Mores.

"Our government 's committed to delivering services across the state and helping every Queensland save on their power bills."

Mr Shine said the service now offered even more value after a recent revamp.

"In July the government revamped the service to offer more power saving value for households," Mr Shine said.

"Each household can now save up to 2.5 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year and up to $480 each year on their power bills simply by making their homes more energy efficient.

"For $50, customers receive a visit by a qualified electrician, four stand-by power eliminators, adjustment to their electric hot water system thermostat, a wireless power monitor and a tailored personal energy saving plan to help manage electricity use.

"These products provide real cost and environmental savings and are genuinely useful."

To book a ClimateSmart Home Service, visit www.climatesmarthome.com or call 133 600

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