Top 10 Christmas fashion crimes

THE silly season is upon us and what better way to celebrate the festivities than to dress up accordingly, right?


With Facebook there to capture - and share - all your clothing crimes, we've compiled a Top 10 Do-not-Do list to help you survive the silly season and avoid those embarrassing photos that document your festive fashion faux pas.

Hark the Herald angels sing, but, do not wear that Christmas bling!

So, while you suck up that champagne and throw away any dieting plans, this list will still allow you to party through the New Year with your head held high.



Don't: Wear goofy Santa hats in the office.

Do: Dress up the office Christmas tree with them. It will be like the red cherry atop a festive, joy-giving sundae.


Don't: Rock out in a Santa suit.
Do: Just don't do it.


Don't: Wear ornament-shaped earrings.
Do: Just hang those babies up on the tree. Go on, return them to where they belong.


Don't: Give itchy, Christmas sweaters. They do not belong in the beautifully hot NZ weather (fingers crossed) at this time of year.

Do: Turn Christmas gift-giving on its head by focusing on jandals. These summer staples may not be the ultimate present but they will sure come in handy once the sun says hello.


Don't: Dress up your pets in Christmas attire. They are not humans. They look ridiculously sad and clumsy. Maybe good for a laugh, but come on, cheap thrills are not what the season is about!

Do: Dress up the bone/chew toy in wrapping paper and let the pup rip.


Don't: Draw attention to the belly area with a tie that shouts "LOOK AT ME. I HEART CHRISTMAS THIS MUCH!"

Do: Have a sit down with the person who gave it to you and explain this is number 5 on the do-not-dos list.


Don't: Co-ordinate green and red Christmas colours in one outfit.

Do: If you'd like to get in the festive mood maybe try letting your nails do the talking. Here you can colour alternative nails red and green, then apply shatter polish on top. This will be a toned-down, funky alternative to the Christmas elf look.


Don't: Dress up your hair to match the festivities.

Do: Look hot with the latest summer styles. This season is one for sun-kissed locks.


Don't: Go crazy with your cosmetics kit. Green and red eye makeup is not a look appropriate for daytime/night-time/ever.

Do: Pucker up with bright lips made for any occasion. With attention on your lips try a little less on the eyes. Maybe hang mistletoe to see who gets drawn to those magnetic kissers.


Don't: Dress yourself in wrapping paper and expect your beloved to unwrap you. Pulling the sticky tape from skin is not a sexy way to end Christmas.

Do: Try going with red lingerie, lace can add allure. Start from the inside out, because yes ladies, what matters is what's on the inside.

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