GRUELLING: The sun can be unrelenting, and the Warwick Saleyards are right in the thick of it.
GRUELLING: The sun can be unrelenting, and the Warwick Saleyards are right in the thick of it. Sophie Lester

Top seven toughest jobs to deal with in a heatwave

WE'VE all complained about our jobs in one way or another.

Whether it is about the dodgy coffee machine or the airconditioning being too cold, everybody has found a petty reason to have a whinge.

The minor issues of office workers don't compare to those who have had to brave heatwave conditions throughout the last six days.

In no particular order, here are the toughest jobs to get done during the last fortnight of summer as Warwick swelters:


Brickies get a tough go sometimes but I'd need to have a stack of smokos too if I was busting my backside in temperatures in excess of 35degrees.

Manual labour can be rough on a normal day, letalone an absolute scorcher.

If you see one at the local this week, make sure you buy them a cold one.


The great irony of installing airconditioning, a constant source of cooling for others, is that it is bloody hard work to get it up and running.

Operating up high can be hard work, especially in tight spaces without any respite from the sun.

They say not all heroes wear capes but someone installing an airconditioning unit for you on a 35-degree day is as heroic as it gets.

Saleyard staff

Warwick's saleyards have a number of moving pieces to ensure the best for buyers and sellers.

With the thermometer reaching 39.6 degrees yesterday, the staff at the yards for the Sheep Sale would have been buzzing for knock-off time.


The backbone of the rural industry, our farmers would prefer cooler and wetter conditions but that won't stop them from doing their job.

Animals don't take a day off when it's too hot and nor do these hard-working men and women, who make sure they get the best of care and treatment.

Bar attendants

Imagine being forced to serve dozens of ice-cold frothies on a stinking hot day to customers without being able to down one for yourself.

It's something I don't have the will power to do and to those keeping our residents hydrated, I salute you.

Emergency services

They put themselves on the line for our safety on a regular basis and often do it without the recognition they deserve.

Firefighters in particular have had to deal with some treacherous conditions as a result of increased warmer weather.


Match officials don't get any love at the best of times but even the biggest pest on the cricket field can appreciate the job they've endured recently.

Standing in the unrelenting sun for 80 overs is a big ask, not to mention the pressure of getting every single decision right - that's tough in anyone's book.

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