Photo from Higgins Storm Chasers
Photo from Higgins Storm Chasers

DUST DEVIL: 'Tornado' spirals above Brisbane Airport

IMAGES of what some weather forecasters are calling a tornado have emerged on social media amidst claims the frightening system was lingering above Brisbane Airport this afternoon. 

Higgins Storm Chasing posted footage of what the site has termed a 'tornado' on Facebook. 


Earlier the same site posted photos of the system from across Moreton Bay saying it had been observed in Clontarf - in the Moreton Bay Region - but was moving south. 



And now Brisbane Airport has taken to Twitter posting even clearer footage of the shocking moment the weather system passed across the runway. 



However a spokesman from the Bureau of Meteorology said the system was more likely to be a weaker form of extreme weather called a "dust devil."



"The reports of a tornado are at this stage unconfirmed," the spokesman said. 

"Both the observer at Brisbane Airport and at the airport tower itself reported seeing a dust devil."

The spokesman said despite the repeated warnings for dangerous weather today's conditions weren't really those associated with tornadoes.

"If it is was a tornado it would be likely to be a very weak one," he said before adding while the BOM couldn't rule it out there was no need for people to be alarmed.

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