Town RV friendly debate still hot

A FIERY presentation by some staunch anti-RV friendly representatives from Caravan Parks Association of Qld, reignited the debate in council this week.

Tony Benson, the government liaison officer of the association and Majella Kahler, the association’s Darling Downs divisional president and owner of Kahler Oasis Caravan Park, told councillors they were disgusted and disappointed in the damage that had been done to tourism over “this very one-sided issue”.

The pair presented an array of facts and figures designed to prove that RV friendly status, an initiative of the Caravan and Motor Home Club of Australian (CMCA), would be a bad thing for Warwick.

Mr Benson said the region lagged behind the rest of the state when it came to tourism.

“We’ve done everything in our power to market this region. We’ve bust a gut,” he said.

“As a direct result of our initiative we have managed to lift the game.”

He drew councillors attention to an article in the CMCA’s own magazine, The Wanderer, in which one traveller gives an account of their experience in the town of Bollon, where local business people resent the “river rats” who use the town’s free camping area and spend no money in town.

Mr Benson said: “You’ve been asked to provide facility at the behest of people saying how good it will be for the people of the town.

“When they visit caravan parks, they pay a fee and they use a service. If they are not doing that they use community facilities.

“The community wears the cost of that.

“We ask that any land provided is made subject to the same requirement in terms of legislation as we have to adhere to. Ratepayers will have to pay the price of that.”

Differing views were apparent around the council table and our elected officials were happy to sidestep making a decision until the August round of meetings.

Local pro-RV Friendly campaigner, Graham Buchner, attended the presentation and when contacted after by the Daily News, he said he would now approach council to ask if someone from the CMCA could make a similar presentation in favour of RV friendly status.

He said, “I’m still hoping council allocates an area for the self contained caravans and motorhomes for overnight camping.”

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