Popular toys for 2012

Toys go back to the 1980s

TOYWORLD supervisor Brent Staff believes parents out to rekindle their own childhood memories are driving sales of retro toys.

Toys hot in the 1980s such as Cabbage Patch Dolls and Lego are proving popular again.

"Classic toys like the pogo stick and yo-yo are popular as well," Mr Staff said.

"Mums who have previously missed out on these toys, or have previously loved them, want to share the experience with their own child. It's the same with dads and Lego."

The Toy Retailers Association's list of "must have" Christmas presents this year includes Cabbage Patch Kids, the classic game Twister, Lego and Furbys.

Mr Staff said Christmas shopping started in earnest in September.

"There are definitely a lot of people buying for Christmas.

"In fact a lot of them are bragging already that they have completed their Christmas shopping."

Cabbage Patch Kids were launched in 1983 and went on to sell millions. The dolls are "adopted" out of a vegetable patch by children.

Furbys are electronic owl-like toys and came out 14 years ago. Forty million sold at the height of their popularity in the mid-90s.

Kids with a penchant for new technologies are still catered for in toy stores, however.

Mr Staff predicts the new Mattel interactive toy, the Fijit, will be popular for girls.

The Air Hogs Hover Assault, a combined land and water remote controlled vehicle, is Mr Staff's pick for the boys.


Christmas top sellers

  •  Cabbage Patch Kids
  •  Furbys
  •  Lego
  •  Twister
  •  Pogo sticks
  •  Yo-yos

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