Ryan King, who appeared in court after allegedly removing another man's testicle.
Ryan King, who appeared in court after allegedly removing another man's testicle.

Tradie allegedly cut off man’s testicle in bizarre act

A privately-educated Brisbane electrician allegedly cut off the testicle of another man at his request after the pair met online and decided to enact a bizarre castration fetish fantasy.

Ryan Andrew King, 27, of West End, has been refused bail in Brisbane Magistrates Court on a charge of doing grievous bodily harm, with intent to maim the other man.

Police will allege the victim travelled from Sydney, after arranging for King to fulfil a castration fetish fantasy.

King allegedly researched on the internet how to carry out the "surgery".

Ryan King allegedly researched how to carry out the “surgery”.
Ryan King allegedly researched how to carry out the “surgery”.

It will be alleged that King met the other man at an inner-city Brisbane backpackers' hostel on Saturday, July 25, and performed the surgery in the man's room.

Police will allege King had medical equipment and administered anaesthetic before removing one of the man's testicles.

It is understood an ambulance was called when the wound could not be stitched effectively enough to stop the bleeding.

It is understood the charge relates to "castration fetish", where men become aroused at the idea of having their penis or testicles cut off.

"This appears to have been carried out with the consent of the other person," Magistrate Judith Daley said, while considering King's bail application.

Ryan King.
Ryan King.

She had asked for a mental health professional at court to see King before hearing the bail application, saying she was concerned, "given the evidence found".

King's lawyer, Brendan Beavon, said it was a very unusual set of facts and circumstances.

He said King had been under specialist treatment from the age of three, when he was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, until he left high school.

He was still on a daily dose of 50 milligrams of Ritalin, to address his Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Mr Beavon said.

He said King also was born with Klinefelter syndrome, which meant he had an extra female chromosome, which affected the way parts of his body physically developed.

While at "Churchie" - Anglican Church Grammar School - from grades four to 12 - he had been bullied, Mr Beavon said.

Mr Beavon said King still regularly saw a psychiatrist and his mental health could deteriorate if he was kept in custody.

He said it could be 18 months to two years before the case was finalised.

King's Brisbane parents cancelled a Cairns holiday to be in court to support him.

Mr Beavon said police had seized King's iPhone, but he could have a bail condition that barred him from internet access.

He said King obviously needed to get a psychiatric assessment, but he wanted to get back to work as a full-time electrician, soon as possible.

"I find that given the nature of this offence, I think he is an unacceptable risk of committing further offences and also endangering the safety and welfare of other persons," Magistrate Daley said.

She said King was facing a serious charge and there were no conditions that would alleviate her concerns, pending a full psychiatric report from his treating psychiatrist.

She remanded King in custody, adjourning the case until August 24.

A Queensland Ambulance Service spokeswoman confirmed paramedics were called to an address off George St in the city at 9.50am on Saturday.

She said a man suffering an injury was taken to hospital for emergency treatment.

Originally published as Tradie allegedly cut off man's testicle in bizarre fetish act

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