EQUESTRIAN: Riders have jumped into a training weekend at Morgan Park, taking the opportunity to fine tune their jumping, dressage and cross-country skills.

The Warwick Horse Trials Christmas event was the last equestrian event at the facility and one of the last in the region for the year.

Warwick Horse Trials vice-president Alexandra Newcombe said the event was unofficial and family-friendly.

Newcombe said a lot more younger riders that usual were present on the weekend.

"The training events are an opportunity for people who don't normally use this facility," she said.

The low-key event involved a dressage trial and a hunter trial.

Riders on Saturday were scored on a round of dressage and a round of showjumping, while the hunter trial yesterday saw riders scored on a round of cross country and a round of showjumping.

Out of the arena, the club celebrated with a Christmas party and a number of novelty events.

There was a hotly contested team challenge and pooch puissance - showjumping for dogs.

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