Jonathan Rhys Meyers has been arrested for drink driving after crashing his car in Malibu, US, it has been reported.

The Tudors star failed a field sobriety test when police arrived on the scene on Sunday evening following reports of a minor car accident, TMZ has reported.

Meyers was reportedly "well past" the legal limit for alcohol and was arrested for a misdemeanour DUI.

The Irish actor is reportedly still behind bars.

Police sources said they don't know what caused the accident.

Hours before, Meyers' wife, actress Mara Lane, shared a video of the actor on Instagram talking about how their son Wolf had learned to swim over summer.

The Bend It Like Beckham star's battle with alcoholism has been well documented over the years.


It is believed the Matchpoint actor has had six stints in rehab - first checking for treatment in Malibu in 2005, the MailOnline reported.

He is then said to have returned two years later in 2007 and a third time in 2009.

In November 2011, the actor was ordered to pay a restitution of $1800 by the French courts and giving a suspended sentence for public intoxication 24 months earlier.

In 2018, The Sun revealed the 43-year-old actor screamed at his wife, "F**k you, I'm going to divorce you," after she calmly asked him to stop smoking his e-cigarette on board a plane.

A fellow first class passenger sitting behind the actor told The Sun it was not an isolated incident and the star had been "behaving erratically" and "intimidating other passengers" for the entire flight.

The Dracula star, who was reportedly intoxicated, insisted he wasn't an alcoholic on being detained by police for becoming verbally abusive to his wife during the flight.

He insisted it was a minor blip after eight months of sobriety, explaining that he had consumed a few drinks before getting off the plane and going to straight to a meeting to ensure he could get back on the road to sobriety.


This article originally appeared in The Sun and was reproduced here with permission


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