Two jailed as court rejects weak excuses

THEIR second chances quickly became a third, fourth and fifth, but two repeat offenders have met their match with Warwick's new magistrate.

The men spent their first night behind bars last night after they finally ran out of "second chances".

Brendan John Hamilton was jailed for possessing a stolen laptop while on not one, but two suspended jail sentences.

Police prosecutor Ken Wiggan said the 20-year-old told police his girlfriend found the stolen computer and its cords in a bag along the Condamine River.

The man admitted the thought of handing the computer in to police had never crossed his mind.

Defence lawyer Bonnie O'Brien said her client was dealing with his grandfather's death at the time of the offending, but was now out of Warwick and trying to get his life on track.

Magistrate Bevan Manthey was unmoved.

"The courts have heard all these excuses before - he is a young man with a significant history," he said. "It would be a joke to think he can go out the same door he came in this morning."

Mr Manthey said Hamilton had a history of burglary and had breached two probation orders - the latest just one month before being arrested over the laptop.

He added that Hamilton's dishonesty made him a "significant risk to the community".

The former Warwick man was jailed for six months, but will be released on parole after serving one month.

A 21-year-old Allora man will also spend the next month in a cell after pleading guilty to breaching bail, possessing dangerous drugs and possessing utensils.

The magistrate said the defendant had a long criminal history, which included wilful damage, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle and repeatedly breaching domestic violence orders.

The court heard the man, who could not be named, had previously breached a court order when he "became physical" with the woman who is now pregnant with his second child.

The attack involved threats to bash the woman, pushing her and grabbing her hair to pull her head back.

Mr Manthey said the man had been given every opportunity to turn his life around, and a message had to be sent to others.

"It becomes a joke in the eyes of the court and the community when people continue to offend .... and they expect to walk out the door," he said.

The man was sentenced to six months jail, but will be released on parole on October 24.

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