Two men facing assault charges

TWO young men have appeared in Warwick Magistrates Court this week to face assault charges related to two separate incidents in which security guards bore the brunt of violent outbursts.

The first of the two men to appear in the court on Tuesday was 21-year-old Leroy Dale Jonathon Brown, who pleaded guilty to two charges of common assault against two different security guards.

The court heard about midnight on July 16, Warwick police attended a licensed premises and spoke to the security guards who were restraining Brown.

It was heard the altercation erupted when the man was asked to remove his beanie and after refusing to do so was asked to leave.

Brown was escorted to the door by one of the security guards and as they approached the exit, Brown was heard to have punched the man “a number of times in the head”.

A second security guard came to the aid of the first and was heard to have been punched in his left eye, causing pain and tenderness.

Defence counsel for Brown said his client was “really sorry” about his behaviour and at the time was struggling with the break-up from the mother of his child.

He was fined $300 and no conviction was recorded.

Next up to face the magistrate was Warwick teenager Biron Jeffrey Robert Medland who pleaded guilty to one count of common assault and one of being drunk and disorderly.

At just 18 years of age and having only been able to legally drink for the past few months, Medland will now be forced to find a new watering hole after being banned from the one in question.

Magistrate Thacker yesterday approved a banning application on behalf of the hotel, prohibiting Medland from entering the premises during the next 12 months.

The court heard the dramatic incident unfolded when the Warwick teenager became agitated and violent after being refused entry due to intoxication.

Police attended the licensed premises about 9.30pm on July 23, where it was heard they observed Medland being restrained by security.

It was heard Medland had been drinking at another pub earlier in the night and when he migrated to another hotel he was told he was allowed to enter but would only be served water.

Medland was heard to become violent at the refusal of entry and punched one of the security officers in the chest.

When police arrived at the hotel they observed Medland being restrained by two security officers.

The court heard police were unable to interview the teenager at the time due to his level of intoxication.

Magistrate Thacker chastised Medland for his bad behaviour, especially as it occurred while the teenager was on probation.

Magistrate Anne Thacker told Medland his behaviour was unacceptable, saying “you have to learn to manage your alcohol intake or not drink at all”.

He was placed on six months probation and issued with a $120 fine.

The police prosecutor’s submission of enforcing the $400 ticket amount for attempting to enter a premises when refused was denied by the court.

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