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Verdict returned to Ergon worker accused of rape

THERE were emotional scenes in the courtroom this afternoon when the jury found an Ergon employee not guilty of rape.

Justin Alexander Humphrey appeared visibly nervous as he waited in the dock for the jury to return their verdict.

He was found not guilty of rape, attempted rape or sexual assault of a 29-year-old woman in a motel room at the Glenmore Hotel in 2016.

Mr Humphrey threw his arms around his father's neck and the two men held each other tightly and wept before he left Rockhampton District Court a free man.

The jury heard recordings of key witness testimonies for a second time today before adjourning to consider their verdict in a case Judge Michael Burnett acknowledged was "difficult".

The incident happened while Mr Humphrey and two co-workers were in Rockhampton on a training course.

They were staying at the motel attached to the Glenmore Hotel when they met the complainant who was staying in the room next door with friends.

The two groups of people joined each other for the evening of drinks in the hotel's beer garden but police were called when Mr Humphrey was found in the complainant's bed after she had gone to sleep.

One witness said she woke to the sound of people having sex in the bed beside her and another said he saw Mr Humphrey "thrusting hard" up against the complainant's bare buttocks.

The first witness told the court she first thought the women was being unfaithful until she told her she didn't know what was going on.

"She started throwing up in toilet and said she had never been so sick," the witness said.

"Her eyes were red, they weren't functioning right."

The court heard hotel staff called the police and ambulance, two detectives arrived and declared a crime scene while the complainant was taken to hospital.

The not guilty verdict came two years after the events on December 4, 2016.

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