Vets to give up equipment for coronavirus patients

STAFF at Warwick Vet Clinic have thrown their support behind the possibility of donating ventilation equipment to the treatment of coronavirus if things further deteriorate.

This week the Australian Veterinarian Board Council issued an urgent call for all veterinary facilities and university-based vet hospitals across the nation to provide information about their ventilators.

"In a practice like ours that has to treat paralysis tics and snake bites, we do have ventilation equipment and I don't think the veterinary community would really object to giving that up for this cause," Warwick Vet Clinic's Dr Chris Reardon said.

"We're all adapting to the new world and face each challenge as it goes and would try and do our best to reduce impact on priority patients.

"Which are obviously humans."

Dr Reardon said he's more concerned about the lack of clarification around veterinary clinics as an essential service by the Federal Government.

"As of yet, we haven't been told to work but we also would like to be considered for the essential service list," he said.

"Especially in our region, animals play a vital role in the agricultural sector and vets are imperative in the field of disease control."

Dr Reardon has thrown his support behind the Australian's Veterinary Association's request to be considered essential in the event of a COVID-19 shutdown.

He has urged the government to consider how a shut down would prevent vets from ensuring animals are looked after and how it would impact human health and mental wellbeing.

"At a time when we are told to isolate, pets and animals are a part of the family and home," he said.

"From a mental health standpoint it's a comfort to know they will receive their pet's unconditional love and that it will be looked after medically if needed."

Dr Reardon said for the time-being, the clinic would continue to treat animals and audit equipment for use.

"We will endeavour to do our part and respond to the effort in any way we can help with the effort," he said.

"We have hygiene procedures in place and hope we can stay open through this."

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