Motorcyclist blasts cyclist after hitting him

Motorcyclist to hit cyclist: What the hell are you doing?

CYCLISTS across social media have expressed their outrage after a motorcyclist uploaded a video that appears to show him running an unwitting bicycle user off the road.

Users of Twitter and Facebook have all been unified in criticising the unidentified motorcyclist who seems to knock over the cyclist and then lambast him for getting in his way.

Some have called the actions reckless and have said the man on the motorbike should be punished.

Others have called the motorcyclist foolish for uploading a video that seems to show his guilt.

The outrage built after an edited version of the original video was edited and posted by cycling safety campaigner the Suicyclist.

The Suicyclist's video, which was uploaded earlier this week, seems to show footage of the unidentified man on the motorbike ram the cyclist onto the ground as he travels along a cycle lane that runs alongside Buckingham Palace - so far the video has received over 150,000 views.

The original video was posted by the motorcycling group Ducati Dragons in March, but was quickly taken down, with the group also closing their Youtube account.

In a conversation on one of the group's forums, phantomfighter who seems to be the first person to upload the video is told by a number of users that he should take the video down.

He apparently agrees to take the video down saying he would not go into detail as to what happened , as this "would be an admission as well."

In the video the man on the bike sees the cyclist hit the floor before turning back and asking, "What the hell do you think you are doing?"

He then proceeds to berate the cyclist for using his phone on the road.

When the cyclist asks if that was the reason for his road rage, he changes tack and shouts at the cyclist - who was travelling in the designated cycling lane - for being in the wrong lane.

A policewoman then gets involved and the unidentified man on the motorbike does show some humility by apologising to the cyclist for their "coming together", saying that it was not his intention to cause any "aggro between his self and cyclists."

However, when the cyclist leaves, he is quickly back on the offensive saying that "unfortunately it doesn't seem to matter with cyclists, because they seem to think they have different rules to all of us other roads users."

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